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Follow the rhythm of nature

What we do?

Phenology is the observation of seasonal changes in plants and animals, such as flowering, the appearance of insects and migrating birds. The changes in the rhythms of nature give information to scientists about the effects that climate change will have on natural ecosystems, but need longer time series, homogeneous, validated and well spread geographically throughout the country. We need nature lovers who want to learn and make phenological observations that help scientists to study the impacts of climate change on plants, animals and human beings in general.
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This video shows how climate change alters the rhythm of nature.

In recent years, there is less coincidence between the moment of maximum flowering of plants and the time when the abundance of butterflies is also greater.

The result? Every time is more difficult for butterflies to feed themselves, because they do not find their flowers and, in turn, the plants are no longer pollinated.